Before You Buy

Here's a little checklist to go through before you buy and watch our broadcast

Before buying
  • Check your Internet download - visit to determine your available download bandwidth. We recommend a minimum download speed of at least 5Mb/s in order to watch the event smoothly without jitters or stuttering. Naturally, the more download bandwidth you have the less likely you are to have problems. It is critical to appreciate that this is not always the case and other factors are equally as important; a super-fast internet connection is all well and good but of equal importance is the capabilities of the device on which you are using the view the live-stream.
  • Make sure you have a capable device to watch the game on. Our stream should be viewable on all mainstream devices, however old devices may not be quick enough to process the high resolution image and may cause jitters or stuttering. If you're using an obscure tablet or hand-held device there is a risk that the device may not be fully compatible. Our testing has been successful on a wide variety of Android devices (phones and tablets) and iOS devices (Apple iPhones and Apple iPads). If you have any trouble viewing on a phone or tablet your are advised to view the live-stream on a desktop or laptop computer.
  • You will need an account on our system and you will need to have paid for the live-stream. If you've not yet got an account with us, visit our Registration page to create an account. Once you've got an account, take a look at our Upcoming Events. You'll need to login before you'll be able to watch the live-stream.
Once purchased
  • Make sure you've received your email receipt from for the live-stream you intend to watch - you may need to reference this later if you encounter any problems.
60 minutes before scheduled start
  • Our live broadcast typically starts 60 minutes before the scheduled start time, get your device logged in nice and early as this is the perfect time to test the compatibility of your viewing device. The later you leave it to log in the less chance you have to address any connectivity or device issues prior to the start of the event.
If you have problems
  • Our support e-mail account ( shall be the only means through which we will engage the provision of technical support. Should you have any technical issues that impact on your ability to watch the web stream you should contact us via Whilst social media has its uses, it is not usually effective at providing in-depth technical support and we reserve the right to not respond to tweets or direct messages or other social media communications. We may, however, use social media to make announcements during the build up or throughout the event.
  • If you do encounter technical issues you MUST contact us when you first experience the problem during the event, not afterwards. We are unable to provide any refunds (whether in-part or fully) if we have not been contacted by e-mail to during the event.
  • Please note that since web browsers built in to smart TV’s are generally troublesome for live video we do not recommend their use and as such are not supported. Use of smart TV's in entirely at your risk and we cannot be held responsible for any issues arrising from watching the live-stream on a smart TV.
After the event has completed
  • The event may be over but it's very likely that the event will be made available by the publisher for you to re-watch at your future convenience. Keep an eye on your account page for access to on-demand content.

Email us if you have any queries or problems and our team will get back to you!

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