New to Live-Streams Guide

What you need ...
  • A reliable internet connection capable of sustaining a download of at least 5mb/s.
  • A capable device on which to watch the live-stream (such as a laptop/desktop/tablet/smartphone/AppleTV/Amazon Fire/etc).
  • An account on
  • A confirmed order for a live-stream from the list of Upcoming Events.

If this is your first time, follow these steps ...
  • The most important things you'll need to watch a live-stream is a reliable internet connection and a capable device on which to watch the live-stream. The internet connection needs to be able to sustain a download of at least 5mb/s. We recommened you visit to determine your available download bandwidth.
  • The next thing you'll need is an account on If you don't already have an account you'll need to pop over to our Registration page to create an account. Be sure to validate your email address by following the instructions in the email sent to you during the registration process. Until you validate your email address you'll not be able to log in to your account.
  • When you've got yourself an account and have validated your email account, head on over to the Login page to log in to your account.
  • Having logged in you can opt to purchase one of the Upcoming Events. Payment is taken by PayPal and available to existing PayPal customers as well as users without a PayPal account (simply select to check out as a guest if this applies to you).
  • During the purchase process you'll receive an e-mail order confirmation. This will contain the order number which you'll need to quote if you ever need to get in touch with us for support.
  • To watch the live-stream head over to your Account to review your order history. For each order you've placed there will be a link to watch the event live (once the broadcast has commenced, of course) plus also a link to re-watch historical events on-demand.
  • When you follow the link to watch the event you will need to select the video player that best suits your device. Once you've selected the video player you may need to click the play button and/or un-mute the audio depending on the device that you are watching on.
  • The event is usually presented in more than one resolution, typically 1080p (Full HD) and 720p (HD Ready). We will typically present alternative video players to give you enhanced compatibility with the device on which you are watching the live-stream. The primary feed is usually the most compatible with devices but if you encounter any difficulties we recommend that you switch to the alternate video player.
  • Remember, you can only watch the event on one device at a time. Our system will restrict access if your account is used to watch on multiple devices simultaneously. The most recent device to attempt to view the live-stream will assume the viewing entitlement, in doing so it will halt any previously started live-streams. This is by design and is not a fault.
  • If you need assistance from us at any time, simply drop us an email at

If you have problems
  • Our support e-mail account ( shall be the only means through which we will engage the provision of technical support. Should you have any technical issues that impact on your ability to watch the web stream you should contact us via Whilst social media has its uses, it is not usually effective at providing in-depth technical support and we reserve the right to not respond to tweets or direct messages or other social media communications. We may, however, use social media to make announcements during the build up or throughout the event.
  • If you do encounter technical issues you MUST contact us when you first experience the problem during the event, not afterwards. We are unable to provide any refunds (whether in-part or fully) if we have not been contacted by e-mail to during the event.
  • Please note that since web browsers built in to smart TV’s are generally troublesome for live video we do not recommend their use and as such are not supported. Use of smart TV's in entirely at your risk and we cannot be held responsible for any issues arrising from watching the live-stream on a smart TV.

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