Troubleshoot your problems

I can't log in
  • Take appropriate action if you receive an error message.
  • If you have forgotten your password click on the "Forgot Password?" link, follow the instructions and re-set your password.
  • If you receive an error stating that you cannot log in because your account has not been validated, you'll need to locate your account creation e-mail and follow the link provided to validate your email address.
  • If you receive an error stating that your account has been locked by an administrator, email us and we can discuss why this has occured.

Having trouble with PayPal
  • PayPal is a secure payment gateway that allows PayPal customers to pay with existing balances or their on-file payment method. Non-PayPal customers can use the guest feature to make payments without the need for an account.
  • If you are experiencing difficulties making payments email us so we can provide you with support.

How do I watch an event?
  • If you've not yet purchased an event we recommend that you review our "New to Live-Streams" guide.
  • If you've already purchased a live-stream head over to your Account to review your order history. For each order you've placed there will be a link to watch the event live (once the broadcast has commenced, of course) plus also a link to re-watch historical events on-demand.
  • When you follow the link to watch the event you will need to select the video player that best suits your device. Once you've selected the video player you may need to click the play button and/or un-mute the audio depending on the device that you are watching on.

Playback is stuttered or jittery
  • The cause of stuttered or jittery playback of live or on-demand footage can be one or all of the following:
  • Internet bandwidth / performance - a reliable internet connection capable of sustaining a download of at least 5mb/s is required for 1080p HD content. We recommened you visit to determine your available download bandwidth.
  • Device - the device on which you are watching the live or on-demand footage needs to be capable of displaying a 1080p HD video over a wired or wireless internet connection. A slow device, or a device that is multi-tasking doing other things whilst trying to watch an event will likely cause playback issues. Of equal importance is having a device that is up-to-date and running at the latest available version. If problems persist we recommend rebooting your device, clearing your internet cache and/or browsing cookies.
  • To help troubleshoot problems you may be encountering we recommend trying an alternative device. If the problem persists it may well be an internet related issue. However, if the problem is resolved the underlying issue may well have been device related.

I have been notified that my viewing entitlement has been revoked, what does this mean?
  • Under our terms and conditions access to watch an event; whether live or on-demand, is restricted to one device at a time.
  • If playback of a live or on-demand event is interrupted and you recieve an error advising that your viewing entitlement has been revoked it will be beacuse your account has been used to commence simultaneous viewing of the event on a different device.
  • This behaviour is exactly as intended, we reserve the right to limit the ability to watch on multiple devices simultaneously.
  • If this has happened to you and you wish to resume watching the event you will need to log-off, log back in and select to view the event from within your account. As a consequence, any device watching the event will have their viewing entitlement revoked and their playback will be interrupted.

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