Watching Stream-Test

The test live-stream provided below are freely provided by the internet community for testing purposes; they are not provided by Sport Central. This test page is made available to assist new and returning customers test device compatibility. You do not need to be an existing customer, you do not therefore need to be logged in to perform this test.

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VIDEO PLAYER Big Buck Bunny Test VIDEO PLAYER Parkour Test VIDEO PLAYER Big Buck Bunny Alternative Player VIDEO PLAYER Parkour Test Alternative Player
Sport Central events are usually presented in more than one resolution, typically 1080p (Full HD) and 720p (HD Ready). We will typically present alternative video players to give you enhanced compatibility with the device on which you are watching the live-stream. The primary feed is usually the most compatible with devices but if you encounter any difficulties we recommend that you switch to the alternate video player.
Please be aware that most major web browsers intentionally mute auto-play videos and whilst we have worked hard to circumvent this to simplify your viewing experience it may be necessary to manually un-mute the live-stream. Whilst this may vary between web browsers this is typically achieved by clicking once on the video players speaker icon or by raising the video player volume which may have been intentionally set to zero by your browser.

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